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英語マレー語   メッセージを翻訳次の言語で無効にする: 英語Hello,

If there is still music up it’s because the outlet hasn’t removed it yet. We have requested take down and it is not in our hands they take it down when they get to it, each outlet has different times.

We have been instructed to pass along your information to the company lawyer that you used copyrighted music from hence why all funds are frozen for your account due to illegal activity, all this is in our terms of service. You agreed that you owned copyrights to everything and if not all funds would be frozen. All distributors have this in fact to protect copyrighted music.

The company will reach out to you if they decide to take legal action against you. Once the lawsuit is settled or if they tell us they are not pressing charges then whatever funds you are entitled to that was not earned from copyright music you will be paid out but there is an investigation into all your music by their entertainment lawyer.


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Your account is closed because you broke the law what you did was illegal we told you this numerous times.
Now by sharing a confidential email without asking us we have taken screenshots and will have our companies lawyer contact you for a breach of privacy and defamation.
If you read the Terms of Service you will see everything in the terms of service the investigation by the company/artist lawyer will take time because they have to investigate each song to see if you are using any illegal samples or music.
Until this is resolved the company has tied our hands due to you breaking the law. It is in the hands of that company/artist. We do not break the law or do illegal acts.
We distribute thousands of artists and your the only one who illegally distributed music causing us to change how we had to release music. 
Which we can also file a lawsuit against you for that too.
As stated once the company/artist you illegally copyrighted their music lets us know how they will proceed we can send you the funds that you are entitled too but can not send any funds that on illegal use of music that goes to the artist that you stole from.
Next time don’t distribute illegal music, it’s against the law.
But once the investigation by the company/artists lawyer is completed you will be paid out what you are entitled we have no reason to hold funds. We have paid every artist out that distributes with us.
Team Revel Distro





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As stated once their lawyers are done with the investigation we can pay you until then they have forced us to freeze any funds in your name.
They have to look into all of your songs which you distributed through us and have to do it one by one. You distributed a lot so they have to ensure there’s no other copyrights before their lawyer will allow us to release any funds.
And if they find any other copyright infringements from different artists then those other artists need to be contacted and lawyer involved. 
This is a serious issue and can not be taken lightly.
Team Revel Distro

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everytime american distributer said like that before too

but it is not real

and they are still getting money or Apple said that???if Apple or Youtube said that I will tell them about this discussanyway I have right about my melody and lyincs



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